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If you're up for a challenge--and you don't mind trial and error--Gothic II won't hesitate to give it to you. Gothic II is a single-player role-playing sequel in which you play as a lone hero who must do battle with bandits, orcs, and dragons in a sprawling 3D world. Like in the first game, you control a soft-spoken hero from a behind-the-back perspective and follow one of three career paths in pursuit of his ultimate goal--which, in this case, is to stave off an assault by orcs and dragons unleashed by the death of a demon, the same one that he defeated at the end of the first game. While Gothic II has various improvements, it retains the clunky 3D control scheme for movement and combat used in the first game, and it's just as unforgiving, if not more so. However, if you're up for a challenge, have a fairly good computer, and don't mind the control scheme, you'll find that Gothic II has plenty to offer. You can expect to die often in Gothic II. Gothic II's story and setting draw upon traditional medieval high-fantasy elements--very traditional ones. Your character can equip himself with swords, axes, and crossbows, as well as cast fireball spells and healing magic, though like in the original Gothic, he starts out as a helpless weakling and remains so for quite some time. Yet you have to engage in battle in nearly all of the quests you undertake, and like the first game, Gothic II doesn't give you much of an idea of the relative strength of your enemies. This basically means that you'll die horribly, and quite often, until you learn through trial and error which challenges you can reasonably take on, and which ......

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