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The Heroes formula clearly stands the test of time in Heroes IV and is every bit as enjoyable as it's ever been in previous games.
The Heroes of Might and Magic strategy series dates back to 1990 with the series' precursor, King's Bounty. Since then, the series has given rise to three games and several expansion packs over the course of about a decade. But none of that history really seems to matter at this point. The last game was released in 1999, and devoted Heroes fans--the group that developer New World Computing has worked hardest to please--have had more than enough time to play Heroes III to death. And as you might expect from hard-core fans, these dedicated Heroes players have demanded that Heroes IV be both completely fresh and new--but also that it remains true to the core gameplay of the series. And it turns out that Heroes IV succeeds in doing both, so if you're a serious Heroes fan, you can stop reading now and pick up a copy of the game if you haven't already.
You'll keep taking just one more turn. If you're not a die-hard fan of the Heroes series but have heard something about it, you might know that it's a series of turn-based strategy games that take place in a colorful fantasy setting, which is actually the same universe as the one in New World's Might and Magic role-playing series. And Heroes IV's essential formula is similar to that of the previous games. You create a hero character specialized either in magic or in might (physical combat). From an initial town, this hero raises an army of troops and ventures out to explore the map, capture resources and items, ......

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