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If you played and loved the classic Mortal Kombat fighters, Shaolin Monks is a game well worth checking out.
The Good: More hidden MK content than you can shake Jade's staff at; a surprisingly solid brawling engine, made better by co-op play ; unlockable mortal kombat ii arcade game; painstaking attention has been paid to re-creating the mkii arenas and sounds.
The Bad: Too much backtracking gives the game a repetitive feel; fairly short adventure; difficulty level is all over the map; graphics are technically not very impressive.
When you think about the efforts Midway has made to turn the Mortal Kombat franchise into something other than that of a pure fighter, try not to lump Shaolin Monks in with the publisher's previous attempts. It would be simply unfair to compare it to the likes of the rather flawed Mythologies: Sub-Zero, and it would be an out-and-out travesty to lump it in with something like the completely awful Mortal Kombat Special Forces. Shaolin Monks does something that no other non-fighting-based MK game has managed to pull off: It provides quality fan service to dedicated Kombat aficionados everywhere. Apart from actually putting together a completely decent gameplay engine, Shaolin Monks is so ridiculously chock-full of hidden goodies and subtle wink-and-nod-style in-jokes that anybody who professes to have a degree in MK will be hard-pressed not to come away entertained. With that said, Shaolin Monks will be almost exclusively interesting to MK fans, because if you were to take away the license you'd be left with a fairly unassuming and short brawler with a few serious flaws. But if you do profess to be a lover of all things classic Kombat, then Shaolin Monks is worth checking out. ......

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