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Pietro Perugino (Citt? della Pieve, Umbria, 1446-1524) is a well-known painter of the Umbrian school, who developed some of the qualities that found classic expression in the High Renaissance. He was the son of Cristoforo Vannucci; his nickname characterizes him as from Perugia, the chief city of Umbria.

By the age of nine, Pietro was articled to a master, a painter at Perugia. Benedetto Bonfigli is generally surmised to be the man; if he is rejected as not being above mediocrity, either Fiorenzo di Lorenzo or Niccol? da Foligno may possibly have been the man. Pietro painted at Arezzo, thence moved to Florence.

The date of this first Florentine sojourn is by no means settled; some make it as early as 1470, others push the date to 1479. According to Vasari, he apprenticed in the atelier of Andrea del Verrocchio alongside Leonardo de Vinci. He may have learned perspective from Piero della Francesca. In 1472 he must have completed his apprenticeship, for he was enrolled as a painter in the confraternity of St Luke. Perugino was one of the earliest Italian practitioners of oil painting. Some of his early works were extensive frescoes for the convent of the Ingesati fathers, destroyed during the siege of Florence, 1537; he produced for them also many cartoons, which they executed with brilliant effect in stained glass. A good specimen of his early style in tempera is the tondo (circular picture) in the Louvre of the Virgin and Child Enthroned between Saints. ...

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