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Originally released for the GameCube, Resident Evil 4 makes few sacrifices in bringing all its gory glory to bear on the PlayStation 2 and delivers one incredible thrill after another.
The Good: Incredibly amazing audiovisual presentation; excellent, bloody, in-your-face shooting action; suspenseful, lengthy storyline keeps you guessing; astonishing boss battles; plenty of extras give lots of replay value--separate ways side story exclusive to ps2.
The Bad: Some uncharacteristically goofy dialogue; a couple of minor graphical blemishes.
Since its debut on the PlayStation in 1996, the genre-defining Resident Evil series has had its ups and downs, though it's always remained at the forefront of survival horror games. Yet it's not enough to call Resident Evil 4 one of the high points of the series, because this is probably the single greatest horror-themed action game ever created. Now on the PlayStation 2, Resident Evil 4 sure didn't cut corners in translation from the original GameCube version released earlier this year. Like that game, this is an amazing achievement in a variety of ways: Its inspired, state-of-the-art cinematic presentation works extremely well with its relentlessly exciting, white-knuckle action, all of which is wrapped up in a decidedly lengthy adventure chock-full of hidden secrets and bonus extras. It obviously isn't for the squeamish or for those otherwise not qualified to play this gory, mature-rated game, which is too bad for them, because it's hard to imagine anyone else not being consistently thrilled and impressed by what Resident Evil 4 has to offer.
Resident Evil 4 is much more than an excellent sequel. It's one of the greatest action games in years. If you're already familiar with Resident Evil 4, chances are you just want to know how the PS2 ......

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