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Ultimate Spider-Man would serve as a worthwhile rental for any comic fan, but only the most vehement of webheads ought to consider it for purchase.
The Good: Colorful, crisp cel-shading gives the game an awesome comic book-inspired look; some excellent boss fights; sharp voice acting and writing; good story.
The Bad: Too many lame race and chase missions; too few story missions--remaining side missions aren't good enough to warrant much replay value; camera can sometimes make combat a pain.
Superhero games, like superhero movies, are steadily starting to improve. Generally, it helps to base a game more within a hero's given comic book universe, as opposed to directly upon any of the aforementioned films. Compare the recent Incredible Hulk and X-Men games based within the comic universe with the Fantastic Four and Batman games based on films; the difference ought to be clear. One franchise that's been stuck somewhere in the middle over its last couple of installments is the Spider-Man series. The first two games were based directly on the megapopular films, and while neither could be called bad, exactly, they weren't anything to write home about, either. Ultimate Spider-Man is developer Treyarch's third attempt to make a quality Spidey game. Based on the eponymous comic-book series, Ultimate Spider-Man is certainly an improvement, adding a great sense of comic-book style to the package and getting a whole host of familiar Marvel characters into the mix. Unfortunately, it also suffers from some of the familiarly flawed gameplay of its predecessors, and it's a disappointingly short ride. ...

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