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Winter Assault is a great expansion pack for a great strategy game. The Good: New playable faction adds new strategy to gameplay; decent single-player campaign; improved multiplayer play. The Bad: New faction not as distinctive as other Warhammer 40,000 factions; campaign somewhat disjointed by switching factions while playing; minor ai issues, as well as minor scripting issues in campaign. Sometimes recommending a game is easy--as with Winter Assault, the new expansion pack for last year's excellent real-time strategy game Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War. That game brought to life the universe created by Games Workshop's popular sci-fi tabletop game with beautiful graphics and fast-paced gameplay that was focused on three things: offense, offense, and more offense. Winter Assault adds a new playable faction, new units to existing factions, a new single-player game, and some tweaks and additions that should make most Dawn of War fans very happy, and might win a few converts, too. Winter Assault adds a new playable faction, new units, and even more highly competitive multiplayer. Dawn of War bucked the trend of traditional real-time strategy games, which usually require you to chop wood and mine gold for a few minutes before you can build up a base, then churn out an army of military units. Instead, you chose one of the game's four playable sides (the fanatical space marines, the demonic forces of chaos, the swift-footed eldar, or the swarming armies of the orks) and forged ahead on the map, capturing strategic points for resources to build out a base, often getting into skirmishes early. In contrast, the expansion's new playable faction, the Imperial Guard, focuses on defense--that is, hanging back around a base, gradually researching higher technologies, and eventually bringing out the big guns. ......

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