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200BC - China , the story begins, because China is the place where paper was invented, then they start glue pieces of decorated papers on the wall. This happened sometimes at 200BC.
700s –Arabs got the secret of paper making from some Chinese prisoner, spreading then the knowledge of papermaking in Europe.
1481,France – Luis XI of France ordered 24 livres for painting about 50 rolls with heaven angels on a blue background. A man named Jean Bourdichon had to do the job.
1599 – first news about a guild of paperhangers formed in France. They were just about some few skilled workers, because of the lack of sheets of paper available.
1675 – the continuous pattern technology was developed by Jean Papillon, a skilled French engraver, giving the wallpaper the look as we know today.
1700s,Britain - industrial revolution brings wallpaper manufacturing at its rage. In Britain, wallpaper fashion experts ordered hand painted pieces of paper, imitating building materials like bricks, stucco, marble, borders were added, and flocked wallpapers looking like velvet gained high popularity among the rich people of the era.
1771,America – the new world, America rushed to copy the Old Continent fashions. After the war Americans build their own wallpapers works. The themes were of a large variety, from beautiful roses to neoclassical look.
1800s – Victorian era brought the machine made wallpaper advent. Full of colours, arabesque themed, they were practically affordable for medium budget.. Wallpaper art comes to another stage, artists like William Moris and Louis Comfort Tiffany brought their own lyrical vision, with nature landscapes and themes of Art Nouveau. This was the fully ‘romance period ‘ of wallpapers evolution.
1900s,till today - At the beginning of the century wallpapers become old fashioned and somehow obsolete. The modernism and pragmatic approach had the result the fell into disfavor for decorative papers.. But as the time goes by, as opposed to neon lights and plastic right angles decorative design, more and more people discover – rediscover- the warm and intimate of good old wallpaper. Of course, with some up to date technology enhancements, we talk about wallcoverings, washable, long-lasting, ready-pasted and reproducing any style and period . Affordable for any budget, unlike tapestries or fresco paintings , today wallpapers bring a romantic, classy look to our apartments, pleasuring our eyes, and making our life better.


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3d desktop wallpapers  
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