Digital Art and Webjokeys

Some months ago a new generation of artists emerged in Europe, called themselves webjokeys (WJs). They use a software program (still in some early development stage) which helps them to creatively select and mix different images, texts, animations and sounds, gathered from a multitude of websites, and putting together a sort of psychedelic mixed performance . You can mix in real time using web pages – they said. Internet is a big thing, and everybody explore it differently. Everybody is seeking for different things, everybody have its own way of approaching.
And the way the connections are made is pure art – webjokeys said.
In their creative act they resemble with DJs or VJs because the mixing process is the same. The difference is that WJs do not use pre-recorded data.

What does this have to do with digital art ?

Well, there are at least two intersection zones, first digital image plays the king’s role in both cases, then most important, both are ways of reconstruction of reality, underline invisible connections and focus to unusual faces of real world. Artists like Olga Kisseleva and Jean Baptiste Bayle developed performances in which they show how digital images can violate our privacy (Kisseleva) or the what’s happening when Google becomes the big brother of surfers, owing thoughts, whishes, friends, books and finally ending by self devouring - Google will eat itself ! (Bayle)

At the bottom line, webjokey-ing and webjay-ing are extremely new forms of art expression, perfectly integrated in our contemporary digital times.

April, 10, 2007


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