Digital Photography – what kind of art is this ?

Revealing artistic ideas through photography in not a very new way of artistic expression. From the first experiments of Niepce and Daguerre, till digital technology, photography proved to be a very strong channel for sharing emotions, impressions, feelings. Unlike the painting, where the underlying message resides in a premeditate composition and objects symbolism, a photo as an art manifesto , deals mostly with what one would call as “frozen in time reality”. This does not mean that there are no artistic composite photos, but through its intimate nature, photography is extremely well fitted for catching ‘ a world in a blink of an eye’. Those aspects that usually escapes our eyes and mind, because humans perception is fluid and synthetic, rather then a continuous series of ‘flashes of reality’.

It’s a proven fact that human brain can’t process the tsunami of incoming visual impulses via optic eye nerve, important parts of them are ignored, and replaced with ready made brain visions, built on the base of a previous learning process. And that means, - you guessed - that real world may be somehow different that, what we really see in our day experience. That sound a little bit frightening , but is not, as long as our surrounding world remains stable and predictable. And here is the point where the photographic camera makes the difference: a shot or more, intercept the reality exactly the way it exists at that instant. It brings in front of our eyes, what in most cases we look at , but do not see. Have you ever seen a movie played frame by frame ? If, by accident , that movie was about somebody speaking, with the face filmed from short distance, you will see how a banal statement, decompose itself in lots of atom expressions, every of them with an inner life and an astounding power of expression. It’s exactly what human eye does not see, or to be more accurate human brain does not process, but (digital) camera is recording in that instant.

Is it art ? Of course. Why ?

Because behind the lenses stays the artist mind. Because despite the ‘brain blindness’, the artist still has the built in capability of sensing the hidden reality; he just perceive its vibes, turn the objective, and click the button. The result itself can be the state of ‘object’ art, or, on the contrary may be the subject of further work: hand made, digital, whatever.

Can be alien, fascinating, like a window revealing another world. And for the real artist it’s not only the outside world emerging, but more likely it’s an expression, a glimpse from the light or darkness inside. The reward, for both the maker and the viewer it’s enlarging the spiritual horizon, enriching their spirit with a new experience, sharing and communication beyond words.

Something that – I’m sure – you’ll hate to miss !

April, 05, 2007


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