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Wallpapers – the good and the old

Let’s have a look at the good old classic wallpaper, and I mean literally that paper that covers one wall from our room. It can be even a digital wallpaper printed at a proper dimension and quality (known rather as a poster), but in most cases it will be some kind of pattern (floral, geometrical) in different color and shapes; how can we use it ? what color ? what size ?

Well, no matter the dimensions of the room, the space can be (apparently) enlarged or shrink with the help of wall coverings or wallpapers. This work with the help of human eye, by associating different shapes with vertical or horizontal dimensions. Yes, it’s an illusion, but sometimes it helps. If you have a little room, with no much space to spare, you should choose a wallpaper with vertical lines, and warm colors that makes the room more spacious, and the walls taller. All patterns should be small sized, and the color should be in the same gradient as the background, with little contrast.

On the opposite, big rooms should have dark wallpapers with rich patterns. One can paint the lower part of the wall with a neutral color , while the rest may be covered with a rich colored wallpaper with big patterns and strong color contrast.

Another approach is when we take in consideration geographic orientation. So, green and blue fits west, orange, yellow and pink goes north, creating a quiet and refreshing ambience. For bedrooms, the proper color is blue or green, while for living red gives a touch of elegance in contrast with black or white furniture.

And speaking of digital and futuristic designs, phosphorescent colors, imitating stars and sky can be used especially for kids room, but not to be abused. Here are some final basic words of wisdom for anybody who wants to ‘wallpaper’ his apartment by his own:
  • for small rooms vertical lines, warm color, small patterns wallpapers
  • for big, tall, chilly rooms, dark colors, horizontal rich patterns
  • green and blue for west orientated rooms
  • orange, yellow, pink for north orientated roms
  • light blue for bedrooms, red coverings for big spaces
  • Hope you get the idea.

    June, 10, 2010

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