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computer desktop wallpapers short how to

       A desktop wallpaper is a background picture, image or pattern, where icons, desktop menues and other items are displayed. The image        wallpaper can be in GIF or JPG file format. Almost all operating systems, (at least, these that use a GUI, MS Windows, Linux, Unix,        McIntosh Mac OS) provide the user with option of setting certain wallpaper. There are some pre-installed wallpapers, or one may choose        to load a third-party wallpaper. Dimensions of wallpapers image should match screen resolution for better display quality. Common        resolutions are:
       low and medium (800X600, 1024X768, 1152X864)
        high resolutions (1280X1024, 1600X1200 and greater)
       There are some special designed wallpapers for dual monitor display, multi monitor display etc.
       Wallpaper settings are:
       Centered means that image is set in the middle of desktop; if the dimensions of image is less that screen resolution a predefined color        surrounds it;
       Streched means that image dimensions are modified to match monitor resolution; under some circumstances this cam distort or lower        the image quality
       Tiled means that image is repeating itself, much like tiles from the bathroom. This suits for pattern image digital wallpapers, building an        entire single image.
       To set a wallpaper on your computer you should follow these steps:
       Navigate to the wallpaper page
       Click 'Right mouse button' somewhere on image
       Choose and click the 'Set as Background' option.
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