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3D Ice Cube tutorial
Step 4.
Now bring the fiber layer over corresponding, top, left and front layers, align these as perfect as possible, merge them into one layer, name it final_cube, and do the following:
1. first blur the shown zones marked in red:
Filter->Blur->Gaussian Blur with Radius:1,3
2. use doge tool on zones marked in white:
Dogde Tool, Range:Highlights, Exposure:60%
3. desaturate zone marked in dark
Select->Feather with value in between 10-15, then
Image->Adjustments->Hue/Saturation with saturation value in between -60,-70;
In order to enhance that light blue areas near by the white ones do:
Image->Adjustments->Selective Color, with Method:Relative, select Whites, set Cyan slider value: 70-100%
Here are marked working areas:

...and here is the result for me:

Step 5.
Our cube looks ok, but still is lacking some ice texture and edges has to be enhanced, by marking their curvature with some thin fiber textures. We'll take the upper left edge, so make new layer:
Layer->New->Layer select a rectangle aprox. by the size of our cube, fill this new layer with white name it 'texture_upper_left', then:
Filter->Render->Fibres with parameters Variance:16, Strength:26 bring the layer in front, rotate in such a way that the fiber direction to be cross with the edge direction, then
Edit->Transform-Warp, do the modeling by 'bending' the fiber layer over the edge.
Here is the result:

Remove with a soft erase tool the unnecessary parts of the layer, bring it to the 10-12% transparency, set the layer blend mode to overlay. Here is the partial result:

Repeat these steps for other two edges. Repeat these steps, without warp part for other three fibered layers associeted with top, front, and left starting layers. Merge this layers all together. You should have something like this:

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