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Glamour Touch tutorial
Step 5.
Select layer 3, choose lasso tool again, and make an oval selection just like before, but at aprox. 80-100px from the edge, just in order to catch inside a part of face, eyes, mouth etc; Select->Feather, set feather to 40, and Edit->Cut pixels. Here is what you should have before cutting pixels:

And this is what you should have after cutting pixels, the orange color in the middle of the face, and green for the edges:

Step 6.
Select layer 4 and duplicate it; then do:
Filter->Brush Strokes->Angled Strokes with parameters:
Direction Balance:30 Stroke Length:9 Sharpeness:9
make the black background visible again, and on duplicated layer 4 still selected, clear the nasty white margins with delete tool, then Layer->Matting->Remove White Matte; continue to deal with edges for both layers 4 add layer 4 copy until all is smooth and soften; the clear operation will be done with erase tool mode brush, master diameter 45; set for layer 4 copy opacity to a value like 75-80%. At this point you should have something like this:

Step 7.
Now the background; select background layer; duplicate it, select color foreground color: #70ce09, background color #000000,and on selected background copy layer do the following:
Filter->Render->Difference Clouds this will be your background:

Step 8.
At this point the difference between background and portrait edge is too straight, so let's soften a bit: with erase tool, select a blurred brush mode, set the master diameter at aprox. 300, opacity at 85-90 and start delete from background copy near the portraits edge; experiment until you get a perfect blend of the portrait in the background; next to obtained the painted effect for the background, go again to:
Filter->Brush Strokes->Angled Strokes with params: Direction Balance:52, Stroke Length:38, Sharpeness:10
Here is the result:

Step 9.
For now you should have already a nice image; You may want to go a little bit further: duplicate current layer again, sent it to the top:
Layer->Arrange->Bring to front, with the same erase brush tool clear the face, changed color a little bit:
Image->Adjustement->Hue->Saturation with values hue=-36, set opacity 85% and finally to underline some shadows on the face just create a top layer:
Layer->New->Layer, fill with black color:
Paint Bucket Tool set Opacity for this at 40%, and with the same erase tool, clear the middle of the face. Here is the FINAL result:

For more images made with the same technique check this glamour wallpapers.
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