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A word before you start

What you'll find here are Windows 7 wallpapers.
And I mean Windows 7 themes and logo related artwork.
Some of them released by enthusiastic people across the net, some of them released by us.
All free for personal use. At normal and widescreen resolutions. For your desktop, mobile or your iPad. And some dual screen high resolution for lucky people who have a dual monitor system.
You will find here also some related stuff, like how to install your own theme, or how to upgrade, optimize and maintain your system clean.
And some reviews for free graphical software we used to bring these wallpapers to life.

That's all for now. Feel free to give us your feedback, and help keep this page nice and useful. Your suggestions are always welcomed.

Thank you and have fun !

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Windows 7 solar fire burst theme
resolution: 3200x1200
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golden grunge 7 theme
resolution: 3200x1200
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7 green, 7 fresh, 7 from the grass :-)
resolution: 3200x1200
Today about:
Setting up a wireless home network with Windows 7

With the advent of Windows 7 setting up a home network (or an intranet) is easier then ever. To achieve this goal we'll have to make some assumptions about what kind of network we want, about hardware and software requirements we'll need.

Planning the network
So, we'll assume that we'll set a wireless network.
Other option will be wired network but wireless mode offers much more mobility and an easier way to connect.
Wireless connections give you this mobility since they use radio waves to send information between computers. And speaking about connection we'll have to have an ISP (Internet Service Provider) to give our network access to the Internet.

Hardware requirements
First we'll need a router. A router is the equipment that connects your home network to Internet. Basically the router will translate the internet IP address that's coming from your ISP to local IPs from your network. Router has to be installed and configured, but this will go somehow in sync with setting up your computer wirless adapter.

So the steps are:
  1. Connect the router to the ISP (plug the cable from ISP to the 'internet' or 'uplink' connection)
  2. Start the router.
  3. On your computer install your wireless adapter if there is none. The installation process will result in building the appropriate Internet connection to link your computer with the router. At this point your computer (desktop or laptop) should pe connected on local intranet
  4. Configure the router software. To do that you'll just have to access local address from your default browser. This address can be found with router documentation and sometimes may be different. (like, or something).
    When asked for name and password just type 'admin' for both, this will work for all routers I've worked with until now.
  5. Configure router software.
    • First build settings for your Internet Provider: most likely static IP, dynamic IP, PPPoE;
    • Enable DHCP server over the router in order to dynamically assign IPs over your network; or alternative set up static IP for each computer from your network;
    • Set up security settings (disable SSID broadcast, enable wireless security, WEP, WPAL, etc)
  6. On the top ......
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Update history
Dual screen wallpapers
Last uploaded: Windows 7 solar fire burst theme - for people who hate ice and cold..., uploaded by Jade
Recent uploaded:
  • golden grunge 7 theme - looks really nice on my monitors, dark and still worm, worth a try..., uploaded by Jade
  • 7 green, 7 fresh, 7 from the grass :-) - trendy green :-), uploaded by 3DataDesign
Normal and widescreen wallpapers
Last uploaded: dark seven, uploaded by 3DataDesign
Recent uploaded:
  • dark lake window 7, uploaded by 3DataDesign
  • fantasy bell flower window 7, uploaded by 3DataDesign
  • red 7, uploaded by 3DataDesign
Have fun and enjoy !
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